Aerovederci with Aerosmith in Krakow

13. 6. 2017

 Nestáva sa často, že sa vo vašom okolí ocitne kapela, na ktorej čele stojí jeden z najikonickejších rockových spevákov. Na takúto vec je nutné sa vopred pripraviť. Od momentu, kedy Aerosmith ohlásili svoje „rozlúčkové“ turné (v úvodzovkách preto, že si to vraj už rozmysleli a s koncertovaním prestať neplánujú),  som bola v pozore a čakala na predpredaj prvých vstupeniek. Vďaka intenzívnemu sústredeniu sa, sa mi tak podarilo uchmatnúť dve lukratívne miesta na zastávku v poľskom Krakove.

It doesn‘t happen so often that a band with one of the most iconic singers in rock music comes around. For this kind of a thing you need to get ready for in advance. Since that moment when Aerosmith announced their “farewell” tour (with quotation marks just because they’ve supposedly already changed their minds and are not planning to quit touring) I was keeping an eye on the pre-sale of the first tickets. Thanks to my deep concentration and strong determination I managed to book two really good seats for their stop in Polish Krakow.

Ak ste dieťa deväťdesiatych rokov tak ako ja a máte blízko k rockovej hudbe, Aerosmith musíte mať jednoducho v krvi. Bohužiaľ v našich končinách nikdy veľmi nekoncertovali a pred aktuálnym turné sa najbližšie k slovenským hraniciam naposledy zastavili iba v Prahe a to ešte v roku 2010. O to väčší záujem vo svete vzbudila informácia o práve bežiacom Aerovederci Tour, v rámci ktorého sa zostava pôvodne chcela vzhľadom na neúprosnosť času postupne lúčiť s fanúšikmi na celom svete. Lístky (ktoré sa predávali rýchlosťou svetla) nám ležali v poličke už od novembra, ostávalo len čakať. Pol rok však ubehol ako voda a samotný dvojhodinový koncert nám ušiel ešte rýchlejšie. Predkapelou im v Krakove boli symfonickí metalisti Beyond The Black z Nemecka, ktorí sa na takúto udalosť síce žánrovo veľmi nehodili, no napriek tomu na úvod večera ponúkli solídny materiál. Zvukovo to nebola žiadna sláva, no celý čas som sa upokojovala, že keď prídu hviezdy, aj to sa určite spraví. 

If you‘re a 90s kid and you have a soft spot for rock music, Aerosmith songs must run in your veins. Unfortunately they have never been touring very much in our neighbourhood and before the current tour, the last gig they played was in Prague back in 2010. This is also probably why there was so much fuss about the band when they announced the so-called Aerovederci Tour, with which they intended to say farewell to their fans all over the world, given the fact that growing really old. The tickets (which were selling out with the speed of light) were sitting on our shelf at home already since November and all we had to do was wait. Six months flew by super fast and when it came to the two-hour gig itself, the whole thing went by even faster. The supporting act was the band Beyond The Black from Germany who are playing symphonic metal and thus weren’t fitting so much with the genre we were about to admire later in the evening. However, they still presented some pretty solid material and kept the audience’s interest up through the full set. The sound was not much cop so I have been trying to calm myself thinking that once the main stars will come on stage, everything will settle. 

 Bohužiaľ nespravilo sa. Vo chvíli ako odpálili večer s dvoma energickými skladbami Let The Music Do The Talking a Young Lust, bolo jasné, že nástroje sú akosi v úzadí a jediná vec, čo to všetko prehlušuje je Tylerov hlas. Neviem, či si zvukár sedel na ušiach alebo čo to mohlo spôsobiť, no prvá polovica koncertu sa niesla v podobnom duchu. Práve z tohto dôvodu ani veľmi nevynikli skladby ako Cryin‘ (na ktorú som sa tak veľmi tešila!), Living On the Edge či Love In An Elevator. Ostrieľaní hudobníci z Bostonu gitarista Brad Whitford, basák Tom Hamilton a bubeník Joe Kramer robili čo mohli, no na našej strane tribúny to veru nebolo to pravé orechové. Miestami sa zdalo, že je situácia vyriešená, keď v hale Tylerovo toxické dvojča – gitarový mág Joe Perry predvádzal svoje sóla. Steven, perfekcionista od prírody, sa naplno sústredil na svoj hlasový prejav a väčšinu času dráždil publikum pod pódiom.

Unfortunately it didn‘t. Once the band started off playing the first two killer fast-paced songs Let The Music Do The Talking and Young Lust, it was obvious that the instruments were heard in the background and they were drowned by the powerful voice of Mr. Tyler. I don‘t really know if the sound engineer went for a beer or what could have caused this, but the first half of the entire show had this not really pleasing sound quality. This is why such hits like Cryin‘ (to which I was looking forward to hear so much!), Living On the Edge or Love In An Elevator didn’t really stand out. The skilled musicians from Boston – guitarist Brad Whitford, bass guitarist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joe Kramer were playing as well as they could, still, on our side of the stand it somehow wasn’t just what we expected. There were moments when it seemed the whole thing is under control, when Tyler’s toxic twin – guitar magician Joe Perry was boasting off with his solos. Steven – perfectionist by nature was focusing fully on his vocal performance while teasing the audience in the front lines below the stage.

 Kapela pravidelne zahŕňa do setlistu aj zopár coverov, počas ktorých sa vedia predviesť hudobnícke prednosti jednotlivých členov. Na chvoste prvej polovice šou tak nastala akási jammovacia session, počas ktorej skupina odohrala dve skladby od mojich milovaných Fleetwood Mac (Stop Messin Around a Oh Well). Vychudnutý Joe Perry si zaspieval tiež, no keďže počas týchto dvoch piesní sa rockeri sústredili viac jeden na druhého (a na pobehujúcich kameramanov) viac než dvadsaťtisícové publikum, ku ktorému boli často otočení chrbtom, vyžiadalo si to svoju daň. Ľudia trošku zmeraveli a prišiel útlm, čo sa dalo odpozorovať aj na okolo sediacich fanúšikoch, ktorí si častejšie začali chodiť po pivo. Po tom ako odohrali Jaded a precitli aj mainstreamejšie orientovaní diváci, Aerosmith opäť pokračovali s bluesovo orientovanými piesňami Hangman Jury a Seasons of Wither.

The band usually includes some covers to their setlist so that the musicianship of the individual members is properly appreciated. So a sort of a jamming session occurred to the end of the show, when Aerosmith played two songs by my beloved Fleetwood Mac (Stop Messin Around and Oh Well). Skinny guitarist Joe Perry sang a bit, too but since the members were focusing more on each other (and on the cameramen running around) rather than on the audience with more than twenty thousand people – to whom they often turned their backs on, it took its toll. People weren’t having so much fun as in the beginning and I could see that many of them went to grab a beer instead. After they played Jaded and the more mainstream-oriented fans woke up, Aerosmith continued with more bluesy tracks Hangman Jury and Seasons of Wither

Zvuk začal konečne nadobúdať ten správny rozmer a moja obľúbená Sweet Emotion síce nedabrala také grády, ako by si zaslúžila, no oproti začiatku večera bolo konečne cítiť rozdiel. Svetelné efekty dodali piesni dynamiku, ktorú ale pri nasledujúcej I Don‘t Want to Miss a Thing vystriedal pomalší rytmus. Škoda, že túto pieseň Tyler len tak odrapotal. Akoby už sa nevedel dočkať rezkejšej Rag Doll. Emócie tak išli do úzadia a my sme boli opäť na koni bluesových melódií. Potom sme si strihli úžasný cover Come Together od The Beatles, po ktorom nasledovala populárna Dude (Looks Like a Lady).

Finally, the sound started to get the right proportions and although my all-time favourite Sweet Emotion wasn‘t as powerful as it deserved, you could finally hear a significant difference. The light effects provided the song with enough dynamics which changed to a slower beat during I Don‘t Want to Miss a Thing that came next. It was a pity that Steven Tyler rattled this one off rather quickly. As if he was too excited to play Rag Doll which has a more brisk pace. Emotions were put aside and we were on a ride through bluesy melodies again. Another cover followed, this time the Beatles’ Come Together and the set ended with the popular crowd pleaser Dude (Looks Like a Lady).

Počuť Tylerov hlas naživo bolo niečo neskutočné. Ak by niekto čo i len pochyboval o tom, že pribúdajúci vek bude nejako poznať aj na jeho prejave, hlboko sa mýli. Všetci v hale sa o tom mohli presvedčiť už počas prvých skladieb, pričom keď sa do toho Steven poriadne oprel, naskakovali mi zimomriavky. Vyzeral presne tak ako som si ho vždy predstavovala – ovešaný šatkami s brmbolcovými nohavicami a pestrofarebným „prehozom“ na ramenách. Po celom tele mal rúžové odtlačky od bozkov a keď mu jeho strapaté vlasy len tak neviali, mal ich prikryté klobúkom. Najviac som sa samozrejme tešila na megahit Dream On, počas ktorého som sa do hudby a do chvíle samotnej zahĺbila tak veľmi, až som takmer zabudla, kde sa vlastne nachádzam (video si môžete pozrieť na fb stránke blogu). Táto skladba patrila spoločne s krátkym coverom Jamesa Browna Mother Popcorn a rytmickou Walk This Way k absolútnemu vrcholu večera. S mávajúcimi rukami vo vzduchu chytajúc všade poletujúce konfety sme sa za búrlivého potlesku rozlúčili s touto legendárnou partiou, ktorá po záverečnej predstavovačke zmizla za pódiom.

To hear Tyler’s voice live was an unforgettable experience. If anyone would have ever doubted that him growing older has reflected on his performance they would be completely wrong. Everyone in the Tauron Arena could see that during the very first tracks they played and when Steven pushed even harder, I got some serious goosebumps. He looked exactly how I imagined him – wearing pants with pompons and a colourful cover over his shoulders while scarves were hanging from his neck and from the microphone. He had kiss prints all over his body and if his hair wasn‘t naturally flowing in the air, he wore a hat. I was looking forward to hear the megahit Dream On the most, and when they played the song, I became so absorbed in the music and in the moment itself that I almost forgot where I was (you can watch a video of the performance on my Facebook page). This track along with the short cover of James Brown‘s Mother Popcorn and the guitar driven Walk This Way belonged to the absolute finale of the evening. With our hands waving in the air trying to catch some of the flying confetti we said goodbye to this legendary band that after the final introduction received one more thunderous round of applause and disappeared to the backstage.

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